Behavior Modification

Every dog faces its own unique challenges in learning to be a part of their owner’s family, regardless of how much love and attention they receive. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which those challenges manifest as unwanted – and even dangerous – behaviors.

Coastline K9 provides professional dog behavior training in Naples, FL to help you resolve moderate or severe behavioral issues. As part of our 30- and 60-day Stay & Train program, behavior modification is designed to correct negative behaviors. Expert trainers will help your dog develop the foundational skills and habits necessary for long-term results at our Florida dog training facility.

We will work with you to develop a customized training plan that addresses your concerns, goals, and specific needs, ensuring that we exceed your every expectation. Ultimately, our goal is to help you and your dog enjoy a stronger, healthier bond and eliminate the stress, risk, and worry of difficult behaviors.

behavior modification

Effective Behavior Modification Training for Any Dog

Many of our prospective clients feel frustrated by their many attempts to find a training solution for their dog, especially those that have been rejected by various programs due to aggression or defensive behaviors. At Coastline K9, we believe that even the most serious of behavioral issues can be corrected by experienced trainers using an effective approach, which is why we do not turn down aggressive or “difficult” dogs.

We are highly confident in our training methods, which have proven effective time and time again when combined with realistic goal-setting and personalized training plans.

Coastline K9 provides behavior training for dogs in Florida (and from around the U.S.), addresses a broad range of issues, including:

- Aggression
- Fear
- Nervousness
- Shyness
- Biting (people or animals)
- Territorial behaviors such as food or toy guarding
- Chewing
- Barking
- Digging
- Escaping
- Reactive behaviors
- Inability to walk on a leash
- Excessive attention seeking
- Separation anxiety

Achieving Unparalleled Results With On-Site Training

As part of our Board & Train program, behavior modification is paired with basic and advanced obedience training techniques to provide exceptional results for every dog. Because your dog will be staying at our Naples dog training facility, they will benefit from consistent training methods, individualized attention, and concentrated behavioral modification efforts.

Your dog will participate in multiple training sessions per day, allowing them to make fast and consistent progress that is sustainable in the long term. Session length and intensity is always customized according to your dog’s attention span and needs.

Sustained Support After Training Is Complete

It’s not unusual for dogs to successfully complete behavior training programs but then revert back to their previous behaviors afterward. Many programs for training dogs are missing a key component: preparing owners with the tools and skills necessary for maintenance.

Coastline K9’s program includes a “turnover session,” during which you will work with one of our trainers to learn how to reinforce positive behaviors and address issues at home. If your dog begins to display signs of past behaviors, you will be adequately prepared to deal with the problem effectively. You’ll also know how to foster a positive environment at home, setting your dog up for success that can be sustained.

We consider all our clients to be a part of the Coastline K9 family, which means that we are committed to being there for you even after your dog has returned home. Your dog is going to be a part of your family for the entirety of their life, and our training team will be available to support you every step of the way.

Two Session Lengths For Your Specific Needs

Coastline K9’s Stay & Train program incorporates behavior modification training in its 30- and 60-day sessions. This gives you the advantage of having the flexibility to select the option that best aligns with your dog’s training needs, your schedule, and your budget. If you are uncertain which program length is right for your dog, our team can help you determine the best fit.

Comfortable Accommodations and Consistent Care

When your dog is under the care of Coastline K9, they will be cared for by our compassionate, animal-loving team. Our dog training facility in Naples is designed to be safe, comfortable, and welcoming for dogs and humans alike and is home to 24/7 live-in staff who are always available. Private, temperature-controlled kennels offer dogs the perfect place to rest and recharge between training sessions.

If needed, we can also provide transportation to and from our facility for your dog.

Transform Your Dog’s Behavior with Expert Training from Coastline K9

Unwanted behaviors can cause significant stress for both you and your dog, but our effective training solutions can change your lives for the better.
Learn more about how our behavior modification training program can help your dog by contacting Coastline K9 today.

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