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Discover Unmatched Security and Elegance with Coastline K9’s Personal Protection Dogs.

Elevate Your Security and Peace of Mind with Our Elite Personal Protection Dogs.

In today’s uncertain world, enhancing your personal security is essential, not just a luxury. Our personal protection dogs are more than just pets; they are highly trained protectors designed to offer safety and sophistication to any household. Whether you’re seeking a loyal guardian or a discreet companion, our dogs are trained to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Comprehensive Training for Every Scenario.

Each of our canines undergoes a rigorous and specialized training regimen, preparing them to handle various threats with precision and obedience. Our training programs are crafted to enhance their natural protective instincts while ensuring they remain approachable and friendly to families.

Protection Tailored to Your Needs.

Our clients come from all walks of life, each demanding the best in security. That’s why each dog in our exclusive collection is carefully selected and trained for its strength, intelligence, and temperament. With expertise from world-renowned trainers, our dogs are equipped for both overt protection and subtle companionship.

1. Empower Your Independence with a Trained Protector.

Feel secure in your everyday life with a Coastline K9 protection dog. Our dogs are more than just protectors; they are a key component of a proactive security plan. Perfect for individuals and families who value early threat detection and personal independence, our dogs ensure that safety is never compromised.

Enhance Early Threat Detection with Our Expertly Trained Canines

Stay one step ahead of potential dangers with a Coastline K9 dog by your side. Specialized in early detection, our dogs act not only as deterrents but also as the first line of defense, giving you critical moments to react safely. Ideal for families and individuals seeking to fortify their homes against unexpected threats.

Your Family’s Safety, Our Commitment

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About Us

At Coastline K9 in Naples, our legacy in personal protection dogs is built on a profound bond between man and canine, enhanced by our founder Erick Innis’s rich background in military and Special Operations K9 handling. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled safety and companionship to our distinguished clientele through the world’s finest protection dogs, trained by respected veterans. We specialize in custom-tailoring our dogs to fit your unique lifestyle and security needs, ensuring seamless integration into your life with elegance and discretion. From rigorous selection and personalized training to our commitment to lifetime support, choosing Coastline K9 guarantees peace of mind with a loyal, elite protector by your side.

State of the art dog training facility

Coastline K9 trains to the highest standards at our 5,000-square-foot dog training facility located in Naples, Florida. We have a live-in staff that is on-site 24/7.

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