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Coastline K9, Offering Professional Board and Train for Dogs in Naples, Florida & Surrounding Areas.

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Are you looking to maximize your dog’s potential? Perhaps you’re dealing with existing negative behaviors from your dog that you’d like to fix. No matter the situation, Coastline K9 is ready to take your dog from zero to hero.

Our Dog Board & Train programs in Florida range from 4-8 weeks in length and pricing is based on your specific training needs.

Exceptional results within the shortest amount of time!

• 4 to 8 weeks of dog training from a professional to quicky built (or rebuid) a dog’s foundation.
• Customized Training Plans Around Your Goals.

Customized Dog Training for All Breeds, Ages, and Temperments

• Recommended for any dog, regardless of skill level, age, or prior training experiences.

On-Site Training for Maximum Results

One of the keys to the success of the Stay & Train program is that your dog will be staying at our Florida dog training facility for the duration of their training. This allows our training team to help each dog reach their full potential, using multiple training sessions per day. Depending on your dog’s attention span, needs, and goals, they will work closely with trainers as much as necessary.

Comfortable, Safe Accommodations For Your Dog

24/7 live-in staff that are constantly monitoring our dogs to ensure they are comfortable and safe during their time off from training. Every dog has a private, temperature-controlled kennel, with plenty of space to relax.

Coastline K9 also offers transportation to and from our facility, making training stress-free and simple.

Choose Coastline K9 for the Ultimate in Professional Dog Training Services

Coastline K9 is committed to providing our clients with the support, skills, and tools needed to build an outstanding bond with their canine companions. We believe that with the right trainer, every dog can become a loyal, well-behaved, and intelligent member of your family.

For more information about the Stay & Train program, contact Coastline K9 today by calling (239) 312-0453 or complete the form on this page.

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