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Personal Protection Naples Florida

Your home is the most valuable asset you have, so why not protect it with the most valued companion you will ever know? Every year, trained personal protection dogs protect the property of their owners and save thousands of lives. 

Whether you want to train your dog for personal protection, or if you’re looking for a talented guard dog with great temperament, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Would You Want A Personal Protection Dog?

Unfortunately, the world is not always safe. Family protection dogs protect loved ones from being assaulted, guard against home invasions, and can even be sent with your children to the bus stop to prevent attempted abductions when you’re not around. 

Personal protection dogs are also an added layer of security for any business. Find out about our protection dogs for sale or learn about service dog training in Naples, Florida at K9 Coastline.

Have Your Dog Professionally Trained For Protection

We start training personal protection dogs when they are young. The average age of a dog in training is between two and two-and-a-half years old. Some breeds are more suitable than others, so we have to make sure that the dog’s personality is suited to its role as well. 

We teach your dog a variety of tasks, including watch, guard, and attack. This means that they will respond to spoken commands and signals from you when a stranger is nearby. 

A personal protection dog should be able to provide warning and bark at an intruder, provide warning by showing teeth, or bite if necessary. Dog training includes obedience, bite work, and personal protection. The courses will also help you learn how to handle your personal protection dog in dangerous situations.

Who Can Benefit From Having A Personal Protection Dog?

With looting becoming more common, business owners are increasingly turning to protection dogs. A trained K9 is a smart addition to your safety protocol and a good addition or alternative to a handgun.

The violence is literally hitting home as well. Every year, thousands of people in Southwest Florida fall victim to violent crimes in their homes. Senior citizens, the disabled, and latch-key children are particularly vulnerable.

Buy A Trained Protection Dog

We will not only train your dog, we also sell personal protection dogs of the highest caliber. 

Our personal protection dogs are trained in an environment that simulates real-life situations so the dog will react instinctively for you in a threatening situation. However, they have been shown to be extremely friendly and playful around family members and individuals they know.

Please contact us at CoastlineK9 if you are interested in protection dogs for sale in Florida or want to learn about dog training in the Naples, Florida area. Sometimes the mere presence of a barking dog can deter crime, but in the worst-case scenario if a criminal enters your home or business, a personal protection K9 can be your best defense.

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