Puppy Training

So, you found the puppy of your dreams and brought him or her home. Even more interesting, maybe Fido found you! Now what?
Are you prepared to take on all the duties of caring for a dog? 

As is the case with children, education or training is one of those tasks parents outsource to professionals. When you choose Coastline K9 for your puppy training in Naples, FL, you can feel confident that you’re starting your pooch off on the right foot.

Types of Puppy Training We Provide

Most dog owners fantasize about the effort they plan to put into training their dogs. Then, life gets in the way, and dogs miss the proper training that could have built excellent foundational blocks for the rest of their lives. Beat the odds by investing in our puppy training service in Southwest, Florida.

Obedience Lessons

Obedience lessons keep your dog, yourself, and small children safe. For example, a dog that does not come when called could potentially tempt a child to go running after him in a busy street. In contrast, an obedient dog does as he or she is told and keeps the family safe.

The best time to enroll your pup in obedience training is between the ages of 3 to 6 months old. Our obedience lessons go beyond just training your dog to follow commands. Your dog will also learn proper socialization and good puppy behaviors.

An important thing to note is that a dog is only as disciplined as the owner. This means you need to play an active role in the training process. We teach you everything you need to know about becoming a new fur parent and how to steer your puppy clear of trouble.

Service Dog Training in Naples, FL

Do you have a special needs person in your household? Does someone suffer from a health condition that a dog can detect and alleviate or raise the alarm for? These are some common health conditions that doctors might recommend service dogs for:

- Blindness
- Hearing impairment
- Seizures
- Autism

The specific type of training a service dog undergoes will depend on the disability they are expected to assist with. For example, guide dogs must know how to lead the blind on busy roadways without becoming distracted by squirrels or other dogs. Similarly, a dog trained to detect seizures might need to be able to pull a child away from hard or sharp surfaces and then bark incessantly until someone comes to assist.

Reasons for Investing in Puppy Training Early

If you intend to turn your new puppy into a service dog, then training is mandatory. This is the only way your dog can become certified and can finally be able to go everywhere with you. Even if you do not have pressing concerns like these, there are several reasons you should take the time to invest in training your pup.

Personal Protection Dogs

Modern-day dogs are pampered beyond belief. This has neutralized their instincts so much that dogs often look to their owners for protection in the event of an emergency. Training at an early age reinforces canine instincts. It teaches your puppy who the alpha is in the home and their role in the family. This should include protection, especially when small children are present.

Financial Benefits 

When you add a dog to your household, landlords often require separate deposits for the dog or might add extra money to the rent. 

This is because dogs are often some of the most destructive tenants. In addition to digging holes in the backyard and scratching at the door, dogs might chew your favorite pair of shoes or devour the sofa. 

Early training helps curve some of these behaviors. This ensures you get your deposit back and need to replace fewer personal items.

Healthy Relationships

Dogs are regularly surrendered to animal shelters because they have formed unhealthy attachments to their owners and vice versa. These dogs become anxious when left alone at home and generally cannot accompany the family on trips or when moving. Well-trained dogs form healthy attachments that make it easier to ensure they always have a place in the family. They travel well when the family moves across the country and accept cage requirements on cabin trips. These dogs are also welcomed with open arms at boarding facilities.

Get Expert Puppy Training in Southwest Florida

Whether you’re training your puppy out of desire or necessity, you’ve come to the right place. 

No matter what kind of puppy has captured your heart or what your needs are, we can create a custom dog training program for you. Contact us in Naples, FL for more information.

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